Arthur's Bike

Arthur's bike is an interesting case.

He found it on Craigslist when he lived in California and fell in love with it to such a degree that he had it shipped to Wisconsin! With the shipping he paid, I could have built over 20 tallbikes! Well, some of us just love our bikes so much we can't part with them. Maybe that's why I have so many. :P

The builder had some funny ideas about how to attach the front end. The top fork is welded to the lower handlebar riser - something that's rather common on tallbikes, but instead of lengthening the fork to accommodate the position of the top crank on the lower bike's top tube, they cut a V chunk out of the top tube and inset the crank into the lower frame!! It's quite an interesting hack and makes for a not-quite-as-tall tallbike.

But with old-school 27 inch wheels, a classic curvy-tube Schwinn top frame, and a jacked-up seatpost, this one gets some style points in my book. :)

Arthur brought his bike to my garage to get a tricky derailleur/tensioner issue worked out. Without a tensioner, the intermediate chain (that connects the top and bottom cranks on some tallbikes) has a tendency to fall off while you're riding, especially over bumps like when you hop off a curb. This can be quite dangerous, so we'd like to prevent it!

I welded a new derailleur hanger onto the frame and bolted the derailleur on, so this bike can ride once more!