Barry's Beetle Bike (project)

Barry came to me a few weeks back with an idea. He's way into VWs, and wanted a 'beetle bike'.
You remember the logo for the New Beetle? The arch connecting two smaller arches? That's what he wanted, but in bicyle form.

He found a copy of the logo online, and I scaled it up, vectorized it with Inkscape and then did a mockup in Google Sketchup.

Even with 20 inch BMX wheels, it'll end up being a sort of short tallbike.
The frame will be constructed of two arches of 1 1/4 inch tubing connected by a thin (18-16ga) steel sheet. This will make for an insanely strong, but acceptably light structure - necessary because there will be no triangulation of any sort - the whole underside will be completely open.

It'll also have a push/pull cable fed through the frame to control the steering system.
We're hoping to get this baby started in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Update: The new idea is to use smaller tube or rod to 'truss' the frame. It's lighter than sheet and will still be very strong.