Erik Builds a Tallbike

We spent about 2 hours last night building a tallbike for our friend and freak Erik.

We're about half way done with it - the frame is fully welded except for the steerer/fork. After that, we need to hook up the drive train and brakes. It also wouldn't hurt to pull it apart and grease up all the bearings - a good practice for any older bike.

A lot of people slight Huffy for their low quality workmanship... So let's get one thing straight...
I LOVE HUFFY BIKES!! Why? Because the head tubes accept a chain link fence top rail (1 3/8") almost perfectly. You can literally cut the tube a little bit long, and pound it inside the head tube! Then, you line things up with a straight edge and weld!! F'ing brilliant!

UPDATE: Saturday night, we were able to FINISH the bike! (alas, no photos...)
It has a direct drive with a derailleur mounted upside down for tension only (single gear), a single brake in the front, and because of the rather shallow head and seat tube angles, it has a strong wheelie tendency! We may try to solve this in the future, and I have some ideas of how to do it rather simply.