Jim's PennyFakeThing

Inspired by the blog at www.pennyfakething.com, Jim (with help from the Frater's) chopped apart a Schwinn Varsity frame and welded it back together along with some extra tubing and a BMX fork. The fact that the final design works as well as it does is amazing, considering that the overall plan was made on-the-fly. About 99% of the original Varsity frame is still used in the final product.

The Schwinn sacrificed was SOLIDLY made with thick steel tube which is strong and easy to weld. Also they are easy to find abandoned and rusting in your neighborhood dumpster.

The frame section connecting the old fork to the old down tube required a bit of fabrication. The fork ends were clamped together and welded onto what was originally the seat-tube. A piece of scrap tubing was welded onto a bmx fork for the rear wheel. The front wheel is a 27in road wheel with 6-speed screw on freewheel.

Here it is after the rear frame section has been welded together and the stem was welded upside-down onto the extra tube section between the fork/downtube. The paint job is mostly to prevent rusting.

The initial design needed to be modified because the center of gravity was too far forward, making the bike prone to flipping over forward when going over even small bumps (Exciting!). The weld connecting the rear tube to the BMX fork was cut, about 3.5'' of the rear tube was removed. This moved the seat back and put more weight on the rear wheel, making the bike much more stable.

Check out Jim's instructable at http://www.instructables.com/id/Penny-Fake-thing/