Standing Bike

I just built a seatless bike!

I wanted something I could toss in the back seat of the car so I can avoid paying for parking - park for free 5-10 blocks away, hop on this thing and ZOOM to my final destination. On arrival, lock it up or take it inside - it's not that big.

I started with a 16" rear wheel with coaster brake from a kiddie bike, complete with most of the rear triangle and dropouts.
Then, I modified the triangle, dropping the seat stays down so the seat/chain stays were basically parallel.
Welded the stays to a 1-piece bottom bracket and FAT down tube from a 'Magna' frame.
Coped the end of the fat tube and welded it to a heavy-wall head tube from some ancient brazed contraption.

Rear: 16" coaster brake.
BB: one-piece crank with a single large chainring - heavily modified to fit around the damn tiny rear triangle!
Front: 20" wheel mounted in a 26" fork.
Steering: antler handlebars, mounted upside-down, with old mountain bike drop-arms sticking out off the ends.

It's amazingly light for not having a scrap of aluminum in the whole bike and being built from old parts, but at the same time, amazingly heavy for not having a seat, shifters, or gears!

Using the same concept, with aluminum rims & crank and lighter steel parts (fork, head tube, rear end), you could get an incredibly small, lightweight, go-anywhere machine!

My only regret is welding the chainring on not quite centered! It'll require a chain tensioner or the chainring chopped/centered/re-welded. (PITA)...