Trike Update Jan 24th

I've got some pics of the new argon bottle and regulator!  I'm simply in love with this thing - it makes welding so much easier - obviously better penetration, no slag to chip, a smoother weld.  I can't say enough good things about it.  :D
It's an 80 cuft tank - they fill it to around 1900 psi.
The one problem I have is that the valve in my welder LEAKS - very slowly, but noticably, without pulling the trigger, there's a hissing sound at the nozzle.  Remember to shut off the main valve when not working.

We made some great progress on putting the sliding bottom bracket clamps together!
All 4 are fully welded, and just require a bit more cleanup with a hand file and flap disk to make them shine.

Last week, the base ring for my vice finally cracked in two so tonight I welded it back together.  Instead of screwing it back onto the table where it would inevitably break again, I welded the base ring onto an old brake drum I had laying around.  It's pretty stable, and I can move it around on the table with the workpiece still clamped in.  With the BB clamps clamped onto a piece of 2" square tubing, and the tubing clamped into the vice, it made rotating and positioning the piece for weld-up a snap.

We're going to ramp up production somewhat.  Tuesdays AND Thursdays - from about 6-9PM (yeah, 3 hours, TWICE a week!)  If you're wondering why this thread has moved so slowly, that's why!  I used to get only 2-3 hours a week!  We're hoping to have these trikes completed by the middle of May.