The Vigilante Chopper Bike

Hey, we like more than just tallbikes!
We're into all sorts of custom rides!

This is a completely custom chopper bike I built around a truck tire I found on the side of the road!
The bike is almost completely built out of electrical (EMT) conduit in various sizes.

It takes quite some time to build a completely custom bike like this, but you're guaranteed a totally unique ride! The rear wheel is literally a spare tire from a truck. I chopped out the center hub and welded in a lengthened bicycle hub and spokes. The slash cut tube ends were pretty fun to make and give it a bad-ass look.

Don't try to ride up any big hills though, because this bike tips the scales at nearly 70 pounds! (the back wheel is HEAVY)

The Vigilante has literally sat in my garage without being ridden for over a year!!
I have more projects in the works with the two Vikings and the WI Solidarity bike, as well as the occasional tallbike build...

I think I have found a path forward with one of the remaining issues - the crank axle is kinda wobbly and the bearings squeak annoyingly no matter how much you grease them.
With the right size hydraulic tube, I think I can lengthen the crank axle pretty effectively while keeping it perfectly straight.

Maybe a month from now you'll see a bit more activity on this project. (or it might wait another year, we'll see...)