Viking Tandem Recument Trikes - It Begins

My neighbor Joe and I both wanted some tandem recumbent trikes so we could ride together with our wives.

We found plans over at Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines for a trike that we both liked. Production trikes go for between $3000 and $6000 bucks a piece. We plan on building these for about $700 each?

Solidarity Bike Concept

Inspired by the anti Scott Walker protests in Madison, which truly got this group started, I've come up with a concept for a "Solidarity Bike".

Have a gander at this baby. Depending on the size of the state, you could build it as a regular double-high tallbike or even a triple.

Obviously, it was inspired by the Wisconsin Solidarity image created by the AFL-CIO.

Pete's Tallbike!

So, on our first ever build day, Pete came down from Madison with a couple of bikes.
At Freewheel Bikes, we had stripped them down and re-greased all the bearings. We also got a bit of extra chain and a sweet old crank for the top frame.

PeterT's Small Tall from Down Under

PeterT, from Adelaide posted these pictures of a 'small tall' (tallbike made from kids bikes) he made.

He lengthened the fork and connected the head tubes with a structural tube. This, I think is the best way to do the steering, but it can take quite some time to do it right.

The images show the whole process - clamping the frames together while aligning the head tubes.
The new structural lengthened head tube welded in.
The Looooooong fork to pass through the new head.
And the lovely finished product!

Colin's cool bikes

More pics. Jim's friend Colin built these, but has since left Madison and didn't take them with him (yet).

The Croc Cruiser is a bike made for dwarfs, with a highly modified stem. The radially laced rear wheel creaks and groans when a 200lb person puts their weight on it, but it hasn't broken yet! Crank arms are ~40mm long.

Colin's tall-bike is an upside-down frame with additional seat tube and super long stem. Keep your weight on the seat because the stem can be pretty wobbly! The single gear is set at awesome, to match the paint job.