Jim's PennyFakeThing

Inspired by the blog at, Jim (with help from the Frater's) chopped apart a Schwinn Varsity frame and welded it back together along with some extra tubing and a BMX fork. The fact that the final design works as well as it does is amazing, considering that the overall plan was made on-the-fly. About 99% of the original Varsity frame is still used in the final product.

Barry's Beetle Bike (project)

Barry came to me a few weeks back with an idea. He's way into VWs, and wanted a 'beetle bike'.
You remember the logo for the New Beetle? The arch connecting two smaller arches? That's what he wanted, but in bicyle form.

He found a copy of the logo online, and I scaled it up, vectorized it with Inkscape and then did a mockup in Google Sketchup.

The Monster Bike (project)

Here's my latest project.
So I found these two SUV tires by a dumpster...
Then I asked a local tire shop if they had some 'damaged' 16 inch rims to fit them...
Today, I layed out some parts on the driveway, then climbed up onto the garage roof to take a picture of the mockup...

This is the result.

If this thing ever gets built, I think it will be the first ever SUV-tire-shod tallbike.
If anyone knows of another example, I'd love to see it, but I haven't found anything like it in my online 'research'.

The Vigilante Chopper Bike

Hey, we like more than just tallbikes!
We're into all sorts of custom rides!

This is a completely custom chopper bike I built around a truck tire I found on the side of the road!
The bike is almost completely built out of electrical (EMT) conduit in various sizes.

Barry's Tallbike

My friend Barry had a ton of fun riding around on my tallbike (James T. Kink) during the Scott Walker protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, so he soon was asking me to build one for him!

We went to Freewheel Bikes and located two frames that fit him (Barry is 6'4" tall). Freewheel is a fantastic resource for anyone needing to fix up a bike, build a custom bike, or just those of us who like to get grease on their hands. :D