Arthur's Bike

Arthur's bike is an interesting case.

He found it on Craigslist when he lived in California and fell in love with it to such a degree that he had it shipped to Wisconsin! With the shipping he paid, I could have built over 20 tallbikes! Well, some of us just love our bikes so much we can't part with them. Maybe that's why I have so many. :P

Captain James T. Kink

Also known as "Kinky Jim". This was my first tallbike.

It has a smaller front wheel to reduce the tendency that most tallbikes have of doing wheelies.

It also has a 'kinky' steering connection that uses the two original, unmodified head (steering) tubes and a bit of handlebar welded onto the top fork. This allows for some flexibility in the locating the top frame, but doesn't provide much structural support, so an additional triangulating tube was added just aft of the steering.