Cthulhu Lives!

Made this guy up for a friend.  Body is a chopped up fork, wings out of chain, and the tentacles are framing nails!

Darran's Sidehack

Darran in East Sussex is building this awesome little cargo sidecar!

Quick 'n' Kinky Steering

Our first tallbike, "James T. Kink" (Kinky Jim), is so named because of it's steering setup. I had never really examined another tallbike up close, so I wasn't familiar with how they're usually put together.

I wanted to ride that first tallbike NOW, and appearances be damned!
But I also was thinking of what to do if I ever had to service the head tubes.

What came out of this "quick but serviceable" mindset is this kinky steering system.

Memphis Bell

They'll hear ya comin' with this baby, the "Memphis Bell".

Like her namesake (a WWII Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress), she's huge, loud, and good at killin' Nazis.

Go ahead, break a bicycle bell, get some hole saws, and you can have one too!

Homemade Freewheel Adapter Hack

Thanks to SirJoey on the Atomic Zombie forums. This is one wicked hack!

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