Trikeceratops LIVES!

The first Viking trike (Trikeceratops!) LIVES!!!


Trike Update, May 16

Some more progress to report on the trikes!!

Trike Update Apr 12 - rolling chassis!

Well, we've been making slow, but steady, progress over the last couple of months.

* Joe has been working on building a set of seats - a steel frame with mesh webbing.
* I've got all 4 disc brake caliper mounts fully welded, and the steering arms welded on (awaiting some tie rod ends to fabricate the control tubes).
* The central steering units are welded to the frames but with no handlebars built yet.
* The adjustable bottom bracket units are fabricated but not yet assembled.
* Managed somehow to sever a spoke with the welder! That was a bit of an oops!

Solidarity at the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally!

Jim, Hal and I rode the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally. I saw Arthur there, too!


The birth of a Solidarity Bike

I was in the WI state capitol during the occupation - the emotion was incredible, the noise was slightly less than deafening.  It was as if everyone in the rotunda was a single organism, the beating heart of the state, pulsing and pumping.  If you weren't there, it's tough to understand the true scope of it.  Everyone who witnessed it in person came away changed, motivated, revitalized.