Ride with Wisconsin In Solidarity

Wow, the past week has been a whirlwind of construction!

I've probably gotten less than 20 hours sleep this entire week, and last night I stayed up all night so I could finish the Solidarity Bike before the big recall kickoff rally!

United On A Bike
Photo, courtesy Tim Kilkenny

In basically two nights before the Saturday rally, I was able to put both cranks on (The one on top drives a second crank, which actually drives the rear wheel), got the frame fully welded and straightened (it was still just heavily tacked in many places), put chain tensioners on both chains, built up the headset with bearings, mounted the handlebars and installed a front brake.

I was able to ride it for a few minutes at 1:30AM Friday morning - the 1/2" wide frame section made it VERY wobbly. It was rideable, but SCARY. So the next day Friday night into Saturday, Barry and a friend came over and helped with the bike - we laid out and cut some 1/2"x1/2" square tube and the few bits of extra 1/2"x1 1/2" I had left into a ring that connects the top and bottom of the head tube with the seat post. The difference in solidity (solidarity?) is remarkable.

On Saturday morning, after staying up all night welding and grinding, I was finally able to get the blue tape on and the handlebars flipped around the 'wrong' way (they interfered with my legs when mounted the 'right' way, so I could just barely turn around between the curbs - it's also far more comfortable to ride now)

So here are my own cell photos I was able to take - another MFU member Barry (with the horns) is riding it in these.