Solidarity Bike forming a more perfect union

The solidarity bike is coming together nicely. I added many new tubes tonight.
After countless hours of grinding and cutting, I finally wore out the contact brushes in my angle grinder. I'll pick some up later but for now, I had to break out the trusty old hacksaw.

A bit of exercise never hurt anyone, they say... (I'm skeptical)

After cutting all the tubes to their designed lengths and angles (Thanks Google Sketchup!!), I tacked them together on the floor. I _KNOW_ the frame is anything but straight, but that's why we tack first!

What remains:
* Add a couple of structural tubes (the "between the fingers" tubes)
* A few non-structural tubes to complete the lower edge of the thumb and thumbnail
* Head tube/steering/fork/handlebars
* Rear dropouts, which will complete the south-east corner of the state and give a place to mount a wheel
* Brakes would be nice!

Then I have to learn how to ride a TRIPLE HIGH TALLBIKE, 'cuz this thing's gonna be HUGE.
The frame is currently 5' 6" high from top to bottom. Add at least another 9 inches once the wheels are on, and that's gonna be a long way up! I'm not sure it'll even fit in my garage!