Trike Progress Update July 26th

Last week was so insanely hot (98 degrees) that we just couldn't bring ourselves to get into the garage on Tuesday. Instead, we sat around inside and measured some hubs, talked about the construction, what we need to do next, etc.

This week, Joe and his son brought over the 6 wheels, 2 or 3 of which were threaded up with spokes. His son threaded some more wheels while Joe and I found a bunch of bikes in the dark recesses of my garage, so we could scavange the head tubes off them.

We almost miraculously managed to find 5 head tubes with the same inner diameter (30mm), and six 1 inch threaded forks to use for the steering units (2) and front kingpins (4).
My order of freewheels for the transmissions, bottom brackets and BB shells, and headsets has shipped, so we can start chopping these forks up and shortening/cleaning the head tubes.

We now have a couple of wheels threaded ready for trueing, then tubes & treads, so we should be very close to getting the rear dropouts together!

Great progress!!
1 hour spent last week, 2.5 hours last night, total of 13.5