Trike Update Aug 16th

Last Tuesday, Joe came over with his son and we did a bit more.

Barry came over too with his new welder, a Clarke 95A flux core. Not a lot of power compared to my 125, but it's a capable little buzz box for building tallbikes! I gave him a lesson or two and adjusted the wire feed to where I thought it should be. I showed him what happens when you 'burn through', by purposely creating a molten glob on the edge of a 16ga sheet. It dripped onto the floor and literally splashed molten steel all over the place! Careful now! :P

I felt a bit bad after not paying much attention to the trikes, so after Joe left, I almost fully welded the stays Joe was working on while I was busy dividing my attention. :| One of the crowns was slightly longer than the other after I got it tacked on, so I took a narrow slice off, twisted it in place without removing one of the tacks, and stuck it back on. Now they're 'bang on' as the Brits say.
I'll finish up the rear end this weekend, Joe!

The very next day, while working on the Solidarity Bike and flap disking the paint off of my own trike struts (from a black Schwinn fork), the brushes in my grinder wore out!

If you buy the Harbor Freight grinder, either get the 2 year service plan for 10 bucks or be prepared to source some brushes from your local hardware store. I got a set of Black & Decker brushes that were slightly too large for $11 and filed them down a smidge so that they fit perfectly, but were twice as long as the originals - they'll last way longer and they cost as much as the service contract would have, with which they would have replaced the tool entirely (what a hideous waste, even for a cheap tool!!)

+1 hour (total of 22)