Trike Update Aug 21st

Last Tuesday, I didn't get a whole lot done on the trikes. I basically just ended up loosely welding the struts to Joe's frame. So today, I had a good 3 hours to make some real progress.

I ground off all the paint and rust from my struts (a pair of fork arms cut from a junked Schwinn), then I was able to fully weld the struts onto both frames and grind down the welds somewhat so that they weren't so lumpy.

I also fully welded the gusset plates onto the back of the frames and ground those smooth. I've got a couple more gusset/filler plates to weld, but it's almost done.

I ran into a big problem with my frame. The dropout arms were nowhere near parallel - one of them was kicked back a lot, so after welding everything up, I had to cut one of the struts and literally lift the frame up in the air and bang it down onto the driveway, forcing the arm back into alignment. It needed a bit more, so I used the grinder to remove a bit more of the strut's length and hit it again before welding it back together. Good enough! Once they're together and rolling, final adjustments can still be made!! At least it doesn't look like a pissing dog now. :P

After all of that, I was still able to straighten up and fully weld the 3/16" thick dropouts to the arms. I cranked the welder up to max and it turned out actually pretty well!

Before we hit these with paint, we'll need to do plenty of hand filing. The flap disk takes care of most of the spatter, but the inside curves will require a more delicate tool.
I know, it's not very tallbikeish, but these machines are a slightly more refined breed, and will look best with a good coat of gloss.

+3 hours (total of 25)