Trike Update Aug 30th

A week ago on Aug 30th, Joe and I were able to fit and weld the lower truss tubes and mid-span support tube. We also cut to length and welded one front axle tube to a 1/2" thick tab, which will get welded to a steerer tube to form one of the four front steering units.

I had to crank the welder up to max to get any penetration into the 1/2" tab, and even then it was difficult. I think for the next one, I'll preheat the parts with a propane torch.
I made a bit of a miscalculation with the length of the axle tube because I didn't take into account the fillet weld. It'll be a little bit short, but I can fix that easily enough. Also, I didn't account for a flat surface the hub has to seat against, so I'll end up welding a 3/4" washer on top of the fillet. Actually, I'll use a steel "machine bushing", which is not as thick or wide as the washer shown here. It may be slightly odd-looking, but it'll work just great.