Trike Update August 9th

Joe and his son came by last night and we made some more progress.

My frame got the rear dropouts attached, and Joe made some strut/stay tubes for his rear end from some forks off of one of the kids bikes I chopped the head tubes off of.

If you're going to build a kit bike or project, I highly recommend building two at once! Lessons are learned putting the first one together, which DRAMATICALLY speed up the second one!

An example: Putting the rear dropout tubes on the first one took a very long time: the tacks broke several times because we had to manipulate and reposition everything so many times, the clamps kept falling off, etc, etc. It was maddening!

For the second frame, we knew we needed 3 people to hold everything together for the tacks so we had all hands on deck, I made four tidy little tacks on THE TOP of the tubes, then everyone let go and I ran a solid weld across the top. From there, I had to tweak the alignment very slightly by inserting 1/16" steel sheet "shims" into the gaps while twisting the frame until they were even on both sides before locking them in place with a couple more welds to bridge the gaps.

First frame: 45 minutes
Second frame: maybe 10!!!

+2 hours tonight (total of 21)