Trike Update Jan 3rd

Happy New Year!!

Before Joe and his son came over, I went a bit crazy with the cleaning. There was an old wooden dresser in there, full of random car bits and license plates. Emptied and JUNKED IT. That let me actually reach, and clean up around, the steel welding table I built years ago.

It's trash day tomorrow, so about 6 small bins were filled and brought to the curb. I also chopped up my ridiculous bike stand (built to support tallbikes) and tossed what was left outside. I'll build another one some other day but it was taking up way too much space!!

The cleanup netted at least an extra 100 sqft of workshop space! Now we can put the really long frames across both tables and work around them.

The past 4 weeks have seen little bits of progress, but nothing spectacular. The boom V tubes were welded together and tacked onto the frames, the stub axles were mostly finished, but it felt sometimes like we weren't getting very far each night (just 2 hours per night, one night a week!!)

Tonight, we fared a bit better, welding most of the gussets onto the joints between the boom tubes and backbone.

They're locked onto the frames forever now! They're pretty square and level to the frames, but I hope the steering angles are correct - we just eyeballed those. :P

I also got a new toy for Christmas - a 14" abrasive cut-off saw! It would have been useful for building these frames, and especially the Solidarity Bike, but I'm sure I'll put it to excellent use on future projects!

That's all for now!