Trike Update July 5th

+2 hours (total 7.5)
A bit more progress tonight. Capped and polished a few more bits of the 4 rear dropout tubes. I made a big mistake with the curvy tubes for my trike - I had made the curved shapes completely different!! I didn't think it would be an issue until I put them side-by-side. *HORROR*
It was truly awful - no pictures have or will be taken. :P

I had the 'fatter' curve chopped down to match the other in just a few minutes, and the capping process has already begun. A bit of final welding and polishing and the lower ends of my tubes will be complete - I still need to cut and cap the top ends.

Joe's tubes are a bit simpler, so they're completely done and polished! I'm a sucker for curvy bits, so I'm taking a bit longer with mine.

Oh, another thing. We have the rear hubs!! They're 12mm straight-through axle cassette free hubs. We figured that 12mm is stout enough with a smooth axle. If it's good enough for a mountain bike, it should be just fine on the local streets.

The hubs are Sun Ringle Demon Shi hubs. Camo w/ an American flag. Not exactly my style - I may take the decals off and paint 'em.