Trike Update Sep 6th

Got kind of a late start last night - Had to finish up some house work and mow the invasive monoculture (it had gotten over a foot high). By the time I got out to the garage, it was 7 O'clock and getting dark out - winter's creeping cold death is fast approaching...

So, we went over time by a bit - got two hours in tonight.

Here's what we were able to accomplish. We cut 4 1 1/2" tubes to length for the front booms, cut 4 head tubes to the same length, fishmouthed a couple of the square tubes, and then I tacked and fully welded one of them together.

Let me tell you, when I started welding several years ago, my welds DID NOT look like this. The only training I've had is some research, trial and error, time, and ~$150 worth of welding wire. Anybody can learn this stuff - it just takes time and effort. Yay! That's the beauty of the AZ plans, and the beauty of garage hacking in general.

Alright, I'm gonna officially and forever shut my trap about my pretty welds and get on with the build. :P