Solidarity getting painted!

Well, it's finally starting to warm up a bit!  Today was nearly 60 degrees, so I'm finally able to paint the Solidarity Bike!

I'm hoping to get another coat on it tomorrow (Wednesday), so I can ride it at the rally around the capitol on Saturday!

Saturday, March 10th, 1PM at the capitol square!  Bring a bike, and let's RIDE WITH WISCONSIN!

Trike Update Feb 9th 2012

More progress photos in finishing the stub axles

Filled up a lot of little gaps and holes, then ground them down smooth with a flap disc - I think these axles will be pretty solid!

Also mounted a disc brake onto one of the front hubs.  I'll be working on caliper mounts soon.

Trike Update Jan 13th 2012

Woah, very late update.

Got tires and tubes in the mail, with some additional bottom brackets as well!

Also, with the stub axles solid, we can finally put the trikes on THREE WHEELS!

Trike Update Jan 3rd

Happy New Year!!

Before Joe and his son came over, I went a bit crazy with the cleaning. There was an old wooden dresser in there, full of random car bits and license plates. Emptied and JUNKED IT. That let me actually reach, and clean up around, the steel welding table I built years ago.

It's trash day tomorrow, so about 6 small bins were filled and brought to the curb. I also chopped up my ridiculous bike stand (built to support tallbikes) and tossed what was left outside. I'll build another one some other day but it was taking up way too much space!!

Trike Update Dec 6th