Trike Update Nov 29th

Trike Progress Update Nov 22nd

Tonight, Joe and his son came over and we made some good progress on the trikes.

I concentrated on lining up a stub axle so I could tack it and then weld it together, and Joe did some BB clamp side plates.

He ended up making 8 side plates, enough for both trikes! I just managed to make one stub axle before my welding wire RAN OUT!!

Ride with Wisconsin In Solidarity

Wow, the past week has been a whirlwind of construction!

I've probably gotten less than 20 hours sleep this entire week, and last night I stayed up all night so I could finish the Solidarity Bike before the big recall kickoff rally!

Solidarity gets her wheels!

Tonight, I was able to cut the frame down the middle and weld in the head tube, cut off and weld on the lower end of the head tube, and then make a very long fork/steerer from a heavy plumbing pipe! I couldn't resist, so I threw a couple of wheels on it and propped it up on some blocks for a glamour shot! She's gonna be a sight!

Trike Progress Update Nov 1st

Lots of photos, not much to say.

The photos are from the past three Tuesdays - about 3 hours put in each of these days. (+9!)
We've been making slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

The new goal is to have them done and rideable by the 17th of May (Syttende Mai) Our little city has a big celebration and parade for the Norwegian Constitution Day every year)

Hoping to get a bunch of tallbikes/freakbikes and these trikes together for the parade!