Solidarity Bike Update Oct 11th

I was able to snag a few hours in the garage the other day.
I built half a head tube. I got the top bearing seat welded onto the end of a fence post top rail.

Trike Progress Update October 3rd

First trike night after our Hawaii vacation! I'd say it's good to be back, but I'd be lying. :P

We started 3 stub axles tonight. Not shown is the first one I made - you've seen plenty of photos of that one, but I'll actually be remaking that one the same as these three. The tabs on these are slightly thinner material, it might be 3/8" or 7/16". This welded SO much more easily than the 1/2" I used for the first one, and it's narrower too. These weigh a lot less than the first one!

Trike Update Sep 10th

Spent another 3 hours in the garage with Joe and his son.

Completed fishmouthing the front booms and welding in the head tubes (4).
Also shortened 1 steerer to the proper length, and installed it with a headset. It sure spins smoothly!

Trike Update Sep 6th

Got kind of a late start last night - Had to finish up some house work and mow the invasive monoculture (it had gotten over a foot high). By the time I got out to the garage, it was 7 O'clock and getting dark out - winter's creeping cold death is fast approaching...

So, we went over time by a bit - got two hours in tonight.

Here's what we were able to accomplish. We cut 4 1 1/2" tubes to length for the front booms, cut 4 head tubes to the same length, fishmouthed a couple of the square tubes, and then I tacked and fully welded one of them together.

Trike Update Aug 30th

A week ago on Aug 30th, Joe and I were able to fit and weld the lower truss tubes and mid-span support tube. We also cut to length and welded one front axle tube to a 1/2" thick tab, which will get welded to a steerer tube to form one of the four front steering units.