Solidarity - Straightening up

Tonight, I spent an hour or so straightening the frame and doing some final welding of joints.

I clamped the tack-welded frame vertically onto a 1 1/2" square steel tube, and horizontally, I clamped a 2x4 to the other side. That created a section of the frame where the two crossed that was pretty flat, so I welded all the joints around that point. Then, by moving the horizontal or vertical tubes, I could flatten up other parts and weld those. It's amazing how well this worked!! It was off-plane in some places by almost a half inch, and now it is VERY flat.

Trike Update Aug 21st

Last Tuesday, I didn't get a whole lot done on the trikes. I basically just ended up loosely welding the struts to Joe's frame. So today, I had a good 3 hours to make some real progress.

I ground off all the paint and rust from my struts (a pair of fork arms cut from a junked Schwinn), then I was able to fully weld the struts onto both frames and grind down the welds somewhat so that they weren't so lumpy.

I also fully welded the gusset plates onto the back of the frames and ground those smooth. I've got a couple more gusset/filler plates to weld, but it's almost done.

Solidarity Bike Update Aug 21st

The frame is nearing completion! I'd say it's about 90% done. I added 4 more tubes (two finger separations and the thumbnail) and cut three more tubes but haven't welded those on yet.

I still have the rear dropouts to do, with a bit of complicated triangulation at the top, and I have to cut the frame straight down between the index and middle fingers all the way through the bottom tube, to accept a head tube (actually a chain link fence top rail!).

Trike Update Aug 16th

Last Tuesday, Joe came over with his son and we did a bit more.

Barry came over too with his new welder, a Clarke 95A flux core. Not a lot of power compared to my 125, but it's a capable little buzz box for building tallbikes! I gave him a lesson or two and adjusted the wire feed to where I thought it should be. I showed him what happens when you 'burn through', by purposely creating a molten glob on the edge of a 16ga sheet. It dripped onto the floor and literally splashed molten steel all over the place! Careful now! :P

Solidarity Bike forming a more perfect union

The solidarity bike is coming together nicely. I added many new tubes tonight.
After countless hours of grinding and cutting, I finally wore out the contact brushes in my angle grinder. I'll pick some up later but for now, I had to break out the trusty old hacksaw.

A bit of exercise never hurt anyone, they say... (I'm skeptical)

After cutting all the tubes to their designed lengths and angles (Thanks Google Sketchup!!), I tacked them together on the floor. I _KNOW_ the frame is anything but straight, but that's why we tack first!