Trike Update August 9th

Joe and his son came by last night and we made some more progress.

My frame got the rear dropouts attached, and Joe made some strut/stay tubes for his rear end from some forks off of one of the kids bikes I chopped the head tubes off of.

If you're going to build a kit bike or project, I highly recommend building two at once! Lessons are learned putting the first one together, which DRAMATICALLY speed up the second one!

Solidarity Bike Update August 9th

A few nights back, I was able to cut and attach the borders with Illinois and Minnesota (that sounds weird at first glance, but the frame is in the shape of Wisconsin. :D

And last night, while the most recent recall election results came in, I made some additional progress on the Solidarity bike frame. I cut about 7 tubes and welded 5 of them on. It was technically Trike night, so most of the work went into that project.

Trike Progress Update August 2nd

Spent a few more hours on the trikes last night. Bloody hot outside! We were all dripping.

Joe brought over the wheels and we were able to get the rear end tacked onto his frame.
The job was pretty tricky, and I'm still not quite sure that we got it exactly right. I think I'll end up making a jig so we can get the dropouts absolutely straight and square. Anyway, it's coming along pretty well!

Also, I think we're going to get some Schwalbe "Big Apple" tires, 20"x2.35". They're big!

+2.5 hours (total 19 hours)

Trike Progress Update August 1st

I felt like my mind was draining out through my eyes while I watched a bit of "The Bachelorette"... So I had to get out!!!

I spent an hour in the garage, chopping the arms off the 6 forks we'll need.
I then ground them all smooth and cleaned up 3 more head tubes for a total of 5. It was hot out there! I was dripping sweat onto the tubes as I was grinding. Sizzle sizzle.

+1 hour (total of 16.5 hours invested)

Trike Progress Update July 28th

Not having enough choppable bikes in the garage to build two trikes, I had to buy a few bits.

Each trike requires 3 head tubes and 3 bottom brackets, for a total of six of each of those to build both trikes. I settled on buying 4 of everything, and scrounging the other two.