Trike Progress Update July 26th

Last week was so insanely hot (98 degrees) that we just couldn't bring ourselves to get into the garage on Tuesday. Instead, we sat around inside and measured some hubs, talked about the construction, what we need to do next, etc.

This week, Joe and his son brought over the 6 wheels, 2 or 3 of which were threaded up with spokes. His son threaded some more wheels while Joe and I found a bunch of bikes in the dark recesses of my garage, so we could scavange the head tubes off them.

Trike front hubs

Got 4 the front hubs yesterday. They're DMR Revolver hubs with a 20mm axle and a disc brake mount.

Joe's gonna paint them white, so all 3 wheels on both trikes will be completely white: hubs, spokes, rims. Maybe even tires... or maybe not.

Solidarity Bike Progress July 13th

I made the first bit of real progress on the Wisconsin Solidarity Bike concept!
I cut a few of the tubes to the proper length and angle, then tacked myself together a star!

It's pretty damned swell, don'tcha think?

When it's finished, I'll make it all smooth and pretty, then paint it Wisconsin red. I'll carry a white paint pen with me so people can sign it. Maybe I can get the "Fab 14" Democratic senators to sign it!! Woo!

Trike Progress Update July 12th

Tonight, we completed the rear dropout tubes and made all 4 dropouts!

Joe took delivery of 6 beautiful white 20 inch rims. He already has the 2 rear hubs and is waiting for the 4 front hubs before ordering the (white) spokes. The hubs are currently camouflage painted, but Joe is going to also paint these white! It's gonna be damn sexy.

+2.5 hours (total 10)
This is time spent, not man-hours spent. Sometimes Joe and I work together, sometimes I work alone for a bit before and after he has to go. I just count the time it has taken.

Trike Update July 5th

+2 hours (total 7.5)
A bit more progress tonight. Capped and polished a few more bits of the 4 rear dropout tubes. I made a big mistake with the curvy tubes for my trike - I had made the curved shapes completely different!! I didn't think it would be an issue until I put them side-by-side. *HORROR*
It was truly awful - no pictures have or will be taken. :P