Build One!

OK! So you want your own tallbike?

Instead of charging for their services, tallbike builders will generally offer to show/help you to build your own tallbike.
We'll gladly take donations of bikes, vegan cookies, and whatever else you'd like to give, but all we really ask is that you're motivated enough to help build your bike with us. Even if you did pay me and pick it up, it wouldn't really be 'your bike', and you may not even be able to ride it.

If you want to build a bike, we'll schedule a weekend day for several people to come down and help to build it. First, we'll figure out what sort of steering system you'd like (passthru, kinky, fork-to-stem, etc) and any extra features everyone wants on their bike, then we strip the bikes down, removing the cranks and possibly the forks (depending on steering arrangement)
Then we stack and clamp the frames and tack weld them together. That'll give you an opportunity to see where and how the chains will run and if the frames are truly straight. Tack welds can be cut loose, the final welds will be permanent.
After that, we do the final welds and put the cranks and steering back on!

And at the end of the day, you'll have your very own custom bike, and you will have learned a lot about bikes and welding, and hopefully made some new friends in the process.

P.S. It's a bit of a challenge to fit a tallbike into a car - they fit well enough into the back of a pickup, minivan or small wagon. You may have to take one or both wheels off. The easiest way is to use a bike rack - lift, strap, drive - plus that way everyone on the road can see your bike!