Here are some other sites/resources I have found useful or inspiring.

Bike related

  • Freewheel Bikes - Madison's most awesome bike shop! Bring your bike, and a mechanic will teach YOU how to get it in tip-top shape. They also have the best deals on used bicycles in town.
  • Atomic Zombie - The best custom bike plans on the net! If you've got a welder and want to start building an awesome ride, THIS is the place to start. They also have a forum.
  • Bike Hacks - Tons of useful hacks for your bike-riding needs
  • Rat Rod Bikes - Between the gallery and the forum build journals, you chopper-heads should have all the inspiration you need!

Non-bike related - can you tell I'm into a lot of different stuff?? Basically, if it's home-built and cheap, it's alright by me!

  • Instructables - If you haven't found this site yet, you've been living under a rock. Anything crazy you want to learn how to do or build, it's probably here!
  • - For the woodworkers out there - really amazing stuff!
  • PDRacer - The Puddle Duck Racer is an 8-foot plywood boat you can build for less than $200. $100 if you're an expert scrounger. Great fun on the water for the price of a few dinners.

Artistic or otherwise inspiring bicycles

More to come...
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