The Group

I (Steve/Tree/Sir Not Appearing in this Photo) was inspired by another tallbiker (Max, from the Jefferson Rat Patrol) to build one of my own, and this year my friend Barry and I rode it around during the capitol protests. From Barry's enthusiasm and visibility, we met 3 or 4 others in just a few weeks. We got such an enthusiastic response from everyone that we decided to start a group to build even more!

I'm a web developer by trade (hence this website went up faster than my first bike went together!), and Barry is a piano tuner. An unlikely pair to start a custom bike club I suppose. We both have a great love of 'projects' - Barry is into VWs and sailboats, and does most of his own auto repair and boat work. I love all sorts of projects, from working on our 1901 victorian home with my wife, to building a wooden sailboat, to restoring a 40 year old british car, to welding a completely custom chopper bicycle from electrical conduit.

Many others have expressed an interest and our core focus right now is to get as many tallbikes on the road as we can. We'll be having some bike ride events in the future, so watch the site or throw me an email for updates! I predict the next ride-the-drive event in Madison will be AMAZING. (Update: IT WAS) Anyway, if you like bikes, contact us and let's talk!