Captain James T. Kink

Also known as "Kinky Jim". This was my first tallbike.

It has a smaller front wheel to reduce the tendency that most tallbikes have of doing wheelies.

It also has a 'kinky' steering connection that uses the two original, unmodified head (steering) tubes and a bit of handlebar welded onto the top fork. This allows for some flexibility in the locating the top frame, but doesn't provide much structural support, so an additional triangulating tube was added just aft of the steering.

I also ran the chain directly to the rear wheel, which presented a bit of a problem when attaching the derailleur (used only for chain tensioning). I wanted to get it rideable FAST so I welded the derailleur onto one of the rear triangle tubes.

The best feature of this bike? It has a KICKSTAND! It also has jingle bells on the front wheel, so they hear ya comin'.

Your bike can be quick, cheap, fun, or you can take your time and get a masterpiece. I wanted to RIDE!!