Viking Trikes

Trikeceratops LIVES!

The first Viking trike (Trikeceratops!) LIVES!!!


Trike Update, May 16

Some more progress to report on the trikes!!

Trike Update Apr 12 - rolling chassis!

Well, we've been making slow, but steady, progress over the last couple of months.

* Joe has been working on building a set of seats - a steel frame with mesh webbing.
* I've got all 4 disc brake caliper mounts fully welded, and the steering arms welded on (awaiting some tie rod ends to fabricate the control tubes).
* The central steering units are welded to the frames but with no handlebars built yet.
* The adjustable bottom bracket units are fabricated but not yet assembled.
* Managed somehow to sever a spoke with the welder! That was a bit of an oops!

Trike Update Feb 9th 2012

More progress photos in finishing the stub axles

Filled up a lot of little gaps and holes, then ground them down smooth with a flap disc - I think these axles will be pretty solid!

Also mounted a disc brake onto one of the front hubs.  I'll be working on caliper mounts soon.

Trike Update Jan 24th

I've got some pics of the new argon bottle and regulator!  I'm simply in love with this thing - it makes welding so much easier - obviously better penetration, no slag to chip, a smoother weld.  I can't say enough good things about it.  :D
It's an 80 cuft tank - they fill it to around 1900 psi.
The one problem I have is that the valve in my welder LEAKS - very slowly, but noticably, without pulling the trigger, there's a hissing sound at the nozzle.  Remember to shut off the main valve when not working.