Viking Trikes

Trike Progress Update Nov 1st

Lots of photos, not much to say.

The photos are from the past three Tuesdays - about 3 hours put in each of these days. (+9!)
We've been making slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

The new goal is to have them done and rideable by the 17th of May (Syttende Mai) Our little city has a big celebration and parade for the Norwegian Constitution Day every year)

Hoping to get a bunch of tallbikes/freakbikes and these trikes together for the parade!

Trike Progress Update October 3rd

First trike night after our Hawaii vacation! I'd say it's good to be back, but I'd be lying. :P

We started 3 stub axles tonight. Not shown is the first one I made - you've seen plenty of photos of that one, but I'll actually be remaking that one the same as these three. The tabs on these are slightly thinner material, it might be 3/8" or 7/16". This welded SO much more easily than the 1/2" I used for the first one, and it's narrower too. These weigh a lot less than the first one!

Trike Update Sep 10th

Spent another 3 hours in the garage with Joe and his son.

Completed fishmouthing the front booms and welding in the head tubes (4).
Also shortened 1 steerer to the proper length, and installed it with a headset. It sure spins smoothly!

Trike Update Sep 6th

Got kind of a late start last night - Had to finish up some house work and mow the invasive monoculture (it had gotten over a foot high). By the time I got out to the garage, it was 7 O'clock and getting dark out - winter's creeping cold death is fast approaching...

So, we went over time by a bit - got two hours in tonight.

Here's what we were able to accomplish. We cut 4 1 1/2" tubes to length for the front booms, cut 4 head tubes to the same length, fishmouthed a couple of the square tubes, and then I tacked and fully welded one of them together.

Trike Update Aug 30th

A week ago on Aug 30th, Joe and I were able to fit and weld the lower truss tubes and mid-span support tube. We also cut to length and welded one front axle tube to a 1/2" thick tab, which will get welded to a steerer tube to form one of the four front steering units.