WI Solidarity Bike

Solidarity at the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally!

Jim, Hal and I rode the Reclaim Wisconsin Rally. I saw Arthur there, too!


The birth of a Solidarity Bike

I was in the WI state capitol during the occupation - the emotion was incredible, the noise was slightly less than deafening.  It was as if everyone in the rotunda was a single organism, the beating heart of the state, pulsing and pumping.  If you weren't there, it's tough to understand the true scope of it.  Everyone who witnessed it in person came away changed, motivated, revitalized.

Solidarity getting painted!

Well, it's finally starting to warm up a bit!  Today was nearly 60 degrees, so I'm finally able to paint the Solidarity Bike!

I'm hoping to get another coat on it tomorrow (Wednesday), so I can ride it at the rally around the capitol on Saturday!

Saturday, March 10th, 1PM at the capitol square!  Bring a bike, and let's RIDE WITH WISCONSIN!

Ride with Wisconsin In Solidarity

Wow, the past week has been a whirlwind of construction!

I've probably gotten less than 20 hours sleep this entire week, and last night I stayed up all night so I could finish the Solidarity Bike before the big recall kickoff rally!

Solidarity gets her wheels!

Tonight, I was able to cut the frame down the middle and weld in the head tube, cut off and weld on the lower end of the head tube, and then make a very long fork/steerer from a heavy plumbing pipe! I couldn't resist, so I threw a couple of wheels on it and propped it up on some blocks for a glamour shot! She's gonna be a sight!